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Let’s cross stitch some Happy Mail!

Do you just love receiving actual mail? Then this cross stitch pattern is for you! Opening your letterbox to find happy mail inside is a magical feeling. You may have been waiting for a little from a friend or you may have a secret admirer who’s putting little love notes in your high school locker. Whatever the case may be opening a gorgeous envelope that’s been filled with love feels absolutely fabulous! Do you want to celebrate your love for happy mail? Or share a small Happy Mail gift with a loved one? Then let’s get stitching!

What even is Happy Mail?

Oh honey! Am I allowed to welcome you to the world of Happy Mail? You may have just bumped into this blog and have no idea whatsoever what Happy Mail is. Let me take you by the hand and introduce you to the loveliness that is receiving something small from a loved one. Because that’s really all it is. Sending Happy Mail means you are sending a thoughtful, uplifting and often personalized gift to someone close to you. Quite often that person won’t be physically close (they might live miles away!) but your hearts do soar together. It’s all about spreading positivity and cheer through the simple act of sending mail. The Happy Mail cross stitch pattern is a perfect gift to send as Happy Mail! Well not the actual pattern. Rather a stitched project you’ve made specially for the person receiving the Happy Mail.

What else can you I as Happy Mail?

Even though writing a handwritten note or letter is loads of fun, added something special to a letter or a parcel is a wonderful way to enhance your Happy Mail. Obviously an embroidery hoop with a cross stitched envelope on it is a lovely gift. But there are also loads of other Calming Stitch Craft patterns to choose from! Add some tea bags, the recipients favorite chocolate bar and a little candle to your care package and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift! To stitch any of the Calming Stitch Craft pattern you’re going to need:

  • DMC embroidery floss in the color numbers found in the pattern
  • Aida cloth 14 count: the amount noted in the pattern
  • Size 24 embroidery needle with a blunt point
  • An embroidery hoop of the right size
  • Embroidery scissors

Let’s start stitching up some Happy Mail!

The Happy Mail pattern is perfect for beginners. Why? You’ll only be using two super simple stitches to stitch this whole pattern! Most of the stitches you’ll be making are cross stitches and the lines of the envelope are backstitches. They’re the easiest types of stitching to learn and I’m sure you’ll be able to master them quickly. Is this the first time you’ll be using a Calming Stitch Craft cross stitch pattern? Then I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time! Download the PDF pattern here, grab your materials and get to work!

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