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Cross stitch your way through sweater weather

Do you remember the hilarious SNL sketch “Sweater Weather”? I sure do! In the sketch two comedians talked about how lovely Sweater Weather is,whilst they showcased their excitement for the autumn season by donning an array of quirky and oversized sweaters, each with its own outrageous design and flair. Now it’s time to cross stitch your very own sweaters for Sweater Weather. Shall we get started?!

Let’s get stitching in sweater weather

Wearing a comfy sweater in the fall and winter is like getting a good hug from a loved one. As the chill creeps in, there’s nothing quite like reaching for that beloved knitwear, each thread woven with memories and comfort. I know I’m not the only Sweater Weather lover. So this cross stitch pattern is for all lovers of warm cozy hugs everywhere!

Changing colours in your Sweater Weather cross stitch

Are you up for a challenge? Of course you are! You probably already know that even when you follow a cross stitch pattern, you can change any number of colours to any other colour you desire. Don’t have a certain colour floss at home? No problem! You can easily substitute it for another! My advice? Use the black-and-white instructions and make your own chart with your own colours. This way you can be completely sure that you’ll grab the correct colour each time. Maybe you want to go for a vintage sweater vibe with dark reds, oranges and browns. Or maybe you want to go all out with bright neon colours! Whatever colour floss you use is completely up to you. Oh and if you don’t fancy a challenge at all, then just stick to exactly the floss colours written in the pattern. I absolutely love the colour schemes I’ve used for this design and I’m sure you will too!

Starting your Sweater Weather cross stitch journey

Purchase the digital pattern online and download it straight away. Inside the PDF, you’ll find:

  • Colour and black-and-white versions of the Sweater Weather pattern.
  • A material list.
  • Beginner-friendly stitching instructions.
  • Extra: a separate PDF for the Pattern Keeper app. Once purchased, begin crafting immediately. Digital patterns offer instant access, allowing you to print and mark progress or use on your tablet for easy zooming. Alternatively, utilize the Pattern Keeper app for seamless guidance while stitching.

Once you’ve got your hands on the digital pattern, feel free to grab a comfy sweater and get ready for an evening full of cross stitching loveliness. Digital patterns offer the advantage of instant access – download them and begin your project right away. It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer to print out the Sweater Weather pattern to track your progress with a highlighter or if you prefer view it conveniently on your tablet so you can easily zoom in on each individual sweater, the choice is yours. For effortless guidance as you embark on your cross-stitching journey, consider using the Pattern Keeper app for a smooth experience.

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