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Delfts blauw tegeltje borduurpatroon

Cross stitch a Delft Blue tile with me!

It’s time to stitch the very first English Calming Stitch Craft pattern! The Delftware tile is a typically Dutch piece of decoration that can be found somewhere in most houses in the Netherlands. Although the tradition of having hand painted Delft Blue tiles has run its course, there have been many modern takes on this little piece of history. A Delftware cross stitch tile is a funny, modern version of this old fashioned piece of décor. This version of the cross stitched tile can say “Have a nice poop” (because how hilarious is that!), but you can also give the tile a personal twist by adding your own quote to it. Let’s get started!

Stitching your own Delft Blue quote

The Delftware tile pattern doesn’t only include the detailed instructions on how to stitch “Have a nice poop”. It also comes with the patterns for a complete alphabet and for an empty tile. I’ve also added a handy grid to draw your quote in! Embroider a funny saying a friend once made. Funny quotes in an old fashioned design like the traditional Delft Blue tile look absolutely hilarious. Hanging up one of these funny handstitched tiles in your bathroom is guaranteed to get a giggle or two out of your guests. Or add some wise words you want to remind yourself of to your very own Delftware tile. You really can stitch whatever you want!

Delfts blauw tegeltje borduurpatroon

Where to hang your cross stitch Delftware tile

If you embroider the pattern on 14-count aida or (28-count evenweave) the size of the embroidery will be 14.5 x 14.5 cm. This super easy cross stitch design is stitched using 4 different shades of blue floss. It can really fit in any type of home. It doesn’t matter if you leave in a modern home or a rural home. This cross stitch tile will fit right in. Delft Blue tiles are often hung up in bathrooms or toilets. It gives the person doing their business something to read. And also something to laugh about! You can also cross stitch a delftware tile for somebody else. It makes a great gift! Stitch a quote that means a lot to the recipient or spell out an inside joke that’ll surely make them laugh. The added alphabet will guide you with stitching any letter you desire!

Getting started with your Delft Blue cross stitch

Order the digital pattern online and immediately download it onto your advice. This is what you’ll find in the PDF:

  • The pattern (in color and black and white) of the Delftware tile
  • A list of the materials you’ll need
  • Beginner-friendly instructions on how to stitch the pattern
  • Bonuses: a pattern of an empty tile and a pattern of all letters in the alphabet
  • Detailed instructions and tips on how to design your own quote including a handy grid to print out
  • Extra: a separate PDF file of the original pattern for the app Pattern Keeper

After purchasing the digital pattern, you can get to work straight away. The advantage of a digital pattern is that you can download it immediately. You can print the Delft Blue cross stitch pattern and mark off what you’ve stitched with a highlighter or you can put the pattern on your tablet so you can zoom in easily. You can also open the pattern in Pattern Keeper open it in the app Pattern Keeper and use the app as a guide while you’re cross stitching your pattern.

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