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I’d rather stay home and cross stitch too!

Us stitchers would often rather stay home, right? Although some cross stitch projects are perfect to take outdoors with you, the best place to stitch is at home surrounded by our creature comforts. It’s okay, you’re with the right people to admit your deepest and darkest desires. A mug of steaming tea or coffee, a soothing playlist on in the background and the rain tapping against your windows. It sounds absolutely perfect to me! That’s why I had a good giggle whilst designing this pattern because I really would Rather stay home and stitch!

But can I really stay home and cross stitch?

Not everyone is going to agree with our love for stitching. Or for staying home. And that’s completely okay! They really don’t need to. They just need to know that that’s what makes you happiest. But the stitching life is not always easy. Sometimes family and friends will call you boring. Or make fun of you granny hobby. Well, the jokes on them because staying home and enjoying a nice evening with a cup of tea and a cross stitch project does absolute wonders for your mental health! So let the haters hate and put on your noise cancelling headphones, because I hereby give you permission to just stay home and cross stitch!

What do I need to stay home and stitch?

Obviously you’re going to need the I’d rather stay home and stitch cross stitch pattern. Or you could take a look and pick one of the other Calming Stitch Craft patterns that I’ve designed. Obviously you’ll also need your favorite beverage (be it a cup of tea, coffee or glass of wine or beer) and something to snack on. Don’t worry about being afraid of getting dirty snack fingers on your cloth and hoop I heard the other day that using chopsticks to pick up crisps and chocolate is the perfect way for keeping everything fresh and clean! I, personally, love a good noise cancelling headphone to get into the zone and of course you’ll be needing to put your phone on don’t disturb. To stitch this project you’ll also need:

  • DMC embroidery floss in the color numbers found in the chart
  • Aida cloth 14 count: approximately 25 x 25 cm
  • Size 24 embroidery needle with a blunt point
  • Embroidery hoop ø 19 cm
  • Embroidery scissors

Getting started with this fun cross stitch project

Want to get started with cross stitching? Then I’d rather stay home and stitch is the perfect pattern for you! In this pattern we’ll only be using one type of stitch: the original cross stitch. That makes it both easy and fun to stitch for absolute beginners. Obviously cross stitchers of all ages and stages are welcome to work on this cute and funny project! So if this new Calming Stitch Craft cross stitch pattern tickles your fancy then go ahead and get started! Once you’ve downloaded the PDF pattern here you can immediately get to work!

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